Writing media releases is all about the “hook” or interesting story idea, one that gives a publication something new or interesting to write about. As much as all organizations believe that whatever they do is endlessly fascinating, the reality is, unless it is new....it probably isn’t news.

Writing a compelling media release is an art – you need to have a “hook” and you need to launch it in the first sentence. It should be fresh, have an interesting angle and include an articulate quote from an internal source, links for more information and an image.

Industry publications are often looking for editorial content for their printed publications or websites. There is often an opportunity to provide articles for these publications at no charge for placement, as long as your message is subtle. I have attached a sample of a column I provided to Canadian Meat Business and a link to a Restaurant Central article that promote the product but don’t read as an advertisement.
“Susan Evans consistently produces accurate and insightful copy.
  Susan's articles are well received by Restaurant Central's audience
  of restaurant owners and operators and are excellent traffic drives
  to the website.”

  Steven Chester / Editor / Restaurant Central
Restaurant Central Article
BIC Hispanic Retailers
BIC Stonefire Grill Release
BIC US Consumers CB Release
BIC Canadian Meat Article