Most organizations create some type of promotional material – corporate brochures, sales tools, point-of-sale pieces, “how-to” ideas. The key to successful writing for this type of material is to understand your audience and ensure you speak to them in their own voice.

I’ve included several samples of promotional materials created to speak to specific audiences. For example, the “Story on Steak” poster was designed for restaurant wait staff who would be reading it on the run in their break room or on a kitchen wall. The poster has easy-to-read bullet points, graphic visuals, and a “what’s in it for me” hook with the information about increased tips - all while relaying information that will increase steak sales.

Think about who you are writing for and how (and where) they will be reading your piece.

Another great way to get your message out is utilizing advertorials. They are paid ads, but designed to look like editorial (online or in print), they speak directly to your audience with your message incorporated into a bigger story, a topic that is of interest to your audience. The samples here were published in foodservice distributor publications and designed to be read by restaurant operators.
“Susan Evans is a true master of the written and spoken word.
  She understood my brief and crafted my copy with the exact content
  and “feel” necessary to successfully establish my company. Susan was
  a delight to work with, has a very professional demeanor, and I would
  highly recommend her services.”

  Sally Gooding / Photographer and Owner SasaB Design
BIC Holidays Advertisement
BIC Burger Brochure
BIC Steak Brochure
BIC Story on Steak
BIC Distributor Advertisement