Stakeholder communication is a key component of any successful organization. It’s the information you send to update industry partners and funding bodies on your activities to let them know how you are doing against business objectives. It could be in the form of an annual report, weekly or monthly emailed updates or newsletters. Try to avoid falling into the trap of providing a laundry list of events or tradeshows attended or how many promotional pieces were shipped – provide context, spelling out the “so what” for your reader.

Not only do you need to provide descriptions of what your organization is doing and why (against your objectives) but you should also link your activities back to how this going to move your business forward so that your stakeholders understand the value your activities bring.

A good example is showcased in the PDF attached titled Beef in Focus for stakeholders. This newsletter was designed to go to funding bodies and government to demonstrate how their dollars were spent and why as well as describing the successful outcomes.

Also attached are several articles that not only describe program activities but communicate the underlying message of why these programs were undertaken and the value they bring to the producers who paid for them. Short and sweet, but with powerful messaging.
“Susan has the ability to think strategically and can look at a story
  to determine the importance to both the target audience and to
  the group who wants to tell the story.”

  Becky MacLeod / Marketing Consultant
BIC Beef in Focus
BIC Partner Programs
BIC Ontario Corn Fed Beef