Japan is an important market for Canadian pork. As the second-largest importer of Canadian pork and pork products after the United States, Japan imported over 199 828 tonnes of pork for a value of C$951.3 million in 2014, an increase of 3.5% in term of volume and 17% in term of value over 2013.

Growth in chilled pork imports has increased exponentially since 2010 when the total imports of chilled pork from Canada was 54 425 tonnes; in 2014 that number was 101 125 tonnes, an increase of 85%. By comparison, Japan imported 167 067 tonnes from the US in 2010 and 187 709 tonnes in 2014—an increase of 12%.

The goal of the CPI Japan office this year is to increase exports of Canadian chilled pork to Japan by 10% over last year. This will be accomplished by conducting promotional activities in metropolitan areas such as the Tokyo and Kanto area and the Osaka and Kansai area. These are the largest population centres and provide the most opportunity for growth.

Focused promotions will be spread across business sectors including importers, distributors, manufacturing, food service, retail and the end-consumer.

Industry Activities
Organize seminars to highlight the benefits of Canadian pork, differentiating it from competitors. These educational sessions will demonstrate how the Canadian pork advantage will satisfy customers and increase business.

Participate at this event to meet new customers, network with clients and highlight the benefits of Canadian pork.

Initiate benchmarking sessions to acquire information on product competitiveness compared with other suppliers. This will also provide accurate data to improve yield processing. Study Japanese chilled pork market and pork sales trend through this project.

Stay in touch with industry, keeping them updated on all promotional activities and efforts in the market.

Speak to the consumer directly, especially housewives, to educate them about the Canadian pork advantage and the difference between Canadian pork and other imported pork products.

Subway train straps featuring the Japanese Canada Pork logo and website will be installed in 12 subway cars. These straps will be in place for twelve months starting in April and will be seen 20 million times over the course of the year.

Support cooking seminars, tasting sessions, kids’ sports event, sales promotions, online consumer communication and in-store demonstrations. These provide an opportunity to sample Canadian pork with consumers and educate them about the quality and great taste.

Increase visitors to the website through “Subway Strap” campaign (website featured on strap).
Increase the number of Canadian pork recipes on the website through cooking contests or other events in order to increase website visits.

Work with consumer cooking, life style and food service magazines and TV programs to increase visibility. Participate in “Canadian Pork Presents” campaign for TV cooking show.

These promotional activities are planned for upcoming year. For more information please contact:

Shoji Nomura
Japan Marketing Director
Canada Pork International
Tel : (81-3) 5947-5730
Email : nomura@canadapork.com
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